Monday, July 6, 2009

OEM information on Windows XP

OEM information is stored in two files:
  • OEMLOGO.bmp (%windir%\system32\OEMLOGO.bmp)
  • oem.ini or oeminfo.ini (%windir%\system32\oem.ini or %windir%\system32\oeminfo.ini)
You can change OEMLOGO.bmp with your own image. And oem.ini or oeminfo.ini can be changed with whatever information.
If you have a different image format than ‘.BMP’ and you want to rename it to OEMLOGO.bmp it will not work, you have to convert the image into ‘.bmp’ format.

Sample [oeminfo.ini]

Manufacturer=Nuwan Gunarathne
Model=Windows XP Professional
[Support Information]
line2=GSNM Family Network
line4=Build Created By:
line5=Nuwan Gunarathne

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