Monday, June 15, 2009


World Fastest Growing Operating System

When I am studying about Microsoft Products ( for MCSE - Microsoft Certified System Engineer ) I have a temptation to learn about LINUX because these day lot of thoughts are going about "Open Source" "LINUX". So that is why I have joined to study about LINUX ( Advanced Linux Administration ) in SLIIT [ Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology ] In the earlier days I have no idea about LINUX but now I have gained basic knowledge about LINUX environment. (I have Tested) ;

> RedHat Linux
> Fedora Core 8.0
> Knoppix 3.2 and 3.4
> Ubuntu 5.10
> Slax linux
> Debian ( Default )
> Mepis

It's easy to install and easy to use because all of the programs that we want to use are included in the same distribution. ( Many software's also included with OS ),like Open Office 2.0 It's easy to handle and the Security level is the most important thing, It's very HIGH. Some of the Distributions can be downloaded free of charge from the INTERNET. Here are some of the URL's : - ISO images of free operating systems

Now news about LINUX distributions are all over the world. See,

I don't like to compare WINDOWS Vs LINUX, but I have using Linux and Windows together Since 2005 Sept. ( Windows XP and Debian ) [ I have using Windows since year 2000 ] nowadays Linux is more user friendly that the earlier, because the Desktop environment is improving rapidly.( X - Windows System ; KDE,gnome ) Try these Web URL and gain some Knowledge about LINUX

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